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SilverSilk Free Projects

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Ava Necklace
This stunning bracelet is sparkling with crystal brilliance. Strands of Rose Gold Pearlesque AB capture chain are stitched to strands of AB Crystal Cup Chain with little seed beads. Lots of color choices, they look fabulous AB Crystal cup chain.
Hooked on Leather Two
A new take on our popular Hooked on Leather bracelet. We added some of our boro glass Slider beads to make a great looking variation of a unique bracelet.

Orbit Rings
Sparkles Necklace
Slide some Crystallet crystal buttons onto SilverSilk 3 Needle Round and you have a feather light, sparkling multi-strand necklace.
Stone Shaker Necklace
Designed by Nealay Patel, "I was inspired by the cord and allowed it to speak to me to see what beads it wanted to use with it....."
Dragon's Tail Necklace
Combining SilverSilk Galaxy and SilverSilk Hollow allows you to create a beautiful rope for that special big hole bead. It's a simple process and best of all you can use SilverSilk end caps to finish it, no gluing necessary! Using Gold Hollow inside Whirlpool Galaxy creates a gorgeous spiral pattern..

Materials List:
1 - 24" package of SilverSilk Galaxy, #3757 Whirlpool
1 - 24" package Hollow knit - Gold #3248
1 - Floral Toggle Clasp - Pewter, #3687
1 - set pewter end caps - gold plate #3753G
1 - Prism bead, Dragon's Tail #22490
Moroccan Sunset Necklace
Moroccan Red metallic leather inserted into SilverSilk Gold Hollow Knitted Wire.  The necklace is light, supple and elegant, makes up in a flash and is perfect as a gift or for yourself.  Earrings can easily be made with the same "ingredients" to make a matching set.
Twilight Galaxy Necklace
Combining SilverSilk Galaxy and SilverSilk Hollow allows you to create a beautiful rope for that special big hole bead. It's a simple process and best of all you can use SilverSilk end caps to finish it, no gluing necessary! Silver Hollow inside Polaris Galaxy gives you a shimmering effect.

Materials List:
1 - 24" package of SilverSilk Galaxy, #3757 Polaris
1 - Floral Clasp - Pewter, #1012
1 - set pewter end caps - silver plate #1110
3 - Barrel Sliders, Twilight - #9231
Galaxy Necklace
Welcome to SilverSilk's new Galaxy Knitted Wire!

A variety of items can be used to fill the 6mm hollow knit tube.For this necklace we strung glass pearls and crystals and enclosed them in the hollow tube. We chose Carina, the silver and amethyst knit, but there are 24 other color combinations to choose from.

Materials List:
1 - 24" pkg SilverSilk Galaxy #3757_Cetus
1 - Oval Acrylic Magnetic Clasp #1038

Hooked on Leather
SilverSilk Leather, a Hook Clasp and some 2mm crimps make this distinctive bracelet.

Materials List:

24" SilverSilk Leather - Silver wire over black leather. item 7513.
1 - Antique Silver Hook Clasp. #1027
1 - Package of Leather Components (3 pcs), #1019

Alternate color:

Antique Brass Hook Clasp
Gold over Black Leather
Antique Brass Leather Components
Love Knot Necklace
Create this lovely project using SilverSilk's Capture Knit and end caps! Dangle boro heart beads from the ends of a love knot and add an elegant clasp and you’ve got just the thing to wear for Valentine’s Day. Change the dangles to our small Sonoran Leaves and you've got a great alternate design.

Materials List
1 pkg SilverSilk Capture - Solid Gold - #2026
2 pkgs SilverSilk Capture end caps - gold plated, #1078
Floral Toggle Clasp - gold, #1011
Three Strand Leather Bracelet
SilverSilk Leather is created with 6 wires finely woven around a 2mm leather cord that has been treated. This combination of a non tarnish wire over leather gives the delicate look of a fine knitted with the durable structure of a leather cord.

Nora used three pieces of the SilverSilk leather, silver plated brass 3-strand crimp ends and one Duplex Slider bead to make the bracelet. The chain is silver wire over black leather. Simple and easy!

Materials List:
24 inches SilverSilk Leather, silver wire over black leather - #7513
1 set silver plated SilverSilk Triple Capture end caps. #1088
1 boro duplex slider bead. #9220

From your stash:
1 - silver plated ball and socket clasp
2 - 3.5mm jump rings

Reversible Braided Bracelet
Materials List:
1 - pkg SilverSilk 8 Needle Flat Rose Gold - #4016
1 - Duplex Slider Glass Bead - #9223
1 - Magnetic Clasp
Button Bolo Necklace
Materials List:
3 - pkgs SilverSilk Capture Knit - Shimmering Copper #2047
1 - pkg SilverSilk triple strand end caps - Red Brass #1087
1 - Floral Clasp - Copper #1008
3 - pkgs SilverSilk terminators - red brass #1066
Duplicity Necklace
Feeling duplicitous? Then here's the perfect ensemble for you! Duplicity is a gorgeously simple and elegant design. You can whip it up in minutes using SilverSilk capture knit , end caps and duplex beads. With a wide range of colors available in Capture Knit and Duplex Beads you have endless possibilities!

Materials List;
2 - pkgs Golden SilverSilk Capture Knit -
5 - Green Duplex beads,
1 - Pkg gold plated SilverSilk triple end caps,
1 - Pkg gold plated SilverSilk double end caps, #1071
1 - Floral gold plated toggle clasp -
SilverSilk Cubed
Nina Kersten had so many customers ask her to make this SilverSilk Cubed necklace a Free Project she finally sat down and wrote the instructions. This example uses Black Eight Needle Flat and black iris 4mm cubes. We've had another style on display at our bead shows, Bronze eight needle flat and Peridot 4mm cubes. It's just as gorgeous in any number of color combinations. Simple and elegant, you will love how it lays when it is beign worn.

Materials List:

1 pkg. SilverSilk 8 Needle Flat - 5 ft.
1 pkg. SilverSilk 5mm crimp ends.
1 Toggle clasp
1 - 2 1/2" tube 4mm cube beads

From your stash:

3mm jump rings