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Knitted from wires of 99.9% pure enameled copper nearly as thin as human hair, knitted wire jewelry chain from SilverSilk is unbelievably durable for its lightweight design. They can be easily cut without fraying, feel very supple to the touch, and also feature a unique woven characteristic not found in standard metal chain. Pair a strand of SilverSilk knitted wire with their bright and bold pewter or brass findings for a sleek and unforgettable design that won’t tarnish and will last a lifetime!

Check out this cutting capture chain YouTube video to get a better idea of the versatility of SilverSilk knitted wire!

3 Needle Round - 5 Feet Capture 3mm Round - 3 Feet
The name 'three needle' refers to three needles on our machines. The three needle knit is created with three wires and is 1.5mm round. This knit is very strong, light weight and can hold your heaviest beads and can be cut with scissors or wire cutters. Finish the ends of 3 Needle with 1.4mm crimp ends for a clean finish. Just roll the ends of the knit into a point and crimp end caps down for a quick and easy finish.  Package of 5 feet.
SilverSilk Capture is a 3mm round knitted chain with a solid 2mm  plated bead chain core. This knit is created with (6) 34 gauge non tarnish, permanently enameled wires tubular knitted around the gold core chain. Capture chain can be finished with 3mm  plated brass custom made 'Capture End Caps'.  Item length: 3 foot packages or 25 foot Spools.
Flat 4.5mm - 5 Feet Galaxy - 2 Feet
Silver Silk's 8 Needle Flat is a 4.8mm knitted jewelry wire that can be cut without fraying. It is durable,does not pull apart and can be embellished and has a permanent non-tarnish enamel coating. Seed beads can be stitched into it, it can be braqided, wire worked, used on its own as a ribbon or chain embellished and the list goes on. SilverSilk's eight needle flat is the designer's favorite knit. Length: 5 Feet.

Galaxy Knitted Wire. Ten strands of fine wire knitted into a 24-inch long hollow tube with a 6mm interior width. With 25 colors or color combinations you have a wide range of choices. Some are solid colors (gold or silver) and many are two different colors knitted together ( Amethyst and Silver, Copper and Black). You can use your imagination to fill the tube. Use seed beads, leather, strung crystals and pearls or anything you can find in your bead drawer. You can even place a small dowel inside and stretch the Galaxy around it to make a smaller diameter. (check our video demonstration). Have fun! Package of 2 feet.
Hollow - 3 Feet Leather - 6 Strand, 3 Feet
SilverSilk's Hollow knit is a 3mm round tube with a hollow center. This knit does not pull apart or stretch and was designed so that cord, beads, 1.5mm round leather, memory wire or wire can run through the center of it. Package 3 feet.
SilverSilk Leather is created with 6 wires finely woven around a 2mm leather cord that has been treated. This combination of a non tarnish  wire over  leather gives the delicate look of a fine knitted with the durable structure of a leather cord. The final product ranges from 2.8-3mm and can be finished with a 3mm end cap. Length: 3 foot package or 25 ft rolls.
Metallic Leather - 8 Strand, 3 Feet Pearlesque Capture Chain - 3 feet.
SilverSilk Metallic Leather is created with 8 wires finely woven around a 1.5mm leather cord with a metallic sheen. This combination of a non tarnish wire over leather gives the delicate look of a fine knitted with the durable structure of a leather cord. The final product ranges from 2.8-3mm and can be finished with a 3mm end cap. Length: 3 foot package..
Pearlesque Capture Chain is 3.50 mm wide and is a round knit with flash and sparkle. This SilverSilk knit is created by first knitting 6 AB Metallic threads over top of a 2mm gun metal ball chain. A third layer is then knit over both the threads and chain using 8 permanently enameled copper wires into a tubular wire mesh. This creates a very soft, almost fabric like supple shimmering chain. Pearlesque Capture is sold in a 3 foot blister package. This knit can be finished using the Capture end caps.
Pixie Knitted Wire - 3 Feet SilverSilk Knitted Wire - 25 Foot Spools
New! Pixie knitted wire from SilverSilk.

6 strands of enamel coated copper wire, knitted around silicon tubing. The result is a completely non-tarnishing, supple, delicate and attractive knitted wire for all jewelry designs. Pixie is 3mm around and fits all of our Custom Capture End Caps.
SilverSilk Knitted Wire is available in 25-foot spools.
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