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We’re diving deep into ancient waters to discover the mysterious and magical land of Atlantis. Atlantis is a mythological empire was surrounded by the bluest of water. Just imagine a city abundant with resources, culture, art and advanced technology. Giant fountains were on every street corner, bridges and canals moves water throughout the city and a large golden temple dedicated to Poseidon sits at the center of this civilization. This rich city that once thrived now sits still beneath the sea. We’ll uncover some lost treasures and rediscover these mysteries through jewelry making. Explore the kits and find fun relics and beads with matching SilverSilk chains and custom findings.

We’ll embark on this journey on SilverSilk’s Facebook Page on these dates:
Tuesday, March 31 • 5:30p CT
Tuesday, April 7 • 5:30p CT
Tuesday, April 14 • 5:30p CT
Tuesday, April 21 • 5:30p CT
Tuesday, April 28 • 5:30p CT
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