Meet Nealay Patel, the new owner of SilverSilk & More

"I exercise my craft in designing, educating and publishing various jewelry works. My checklist of accomplishments includes writing three jewelry-making books, hosting workshops at many trade shows, making television appearances on Beads, Baubles and Jewels and Jewel School on the Jewelry Television Network. 

Aside from actively participating in my own brand, Beads & Bubbles, I’m also a designer for Jesse James beads and I work full-time as an art director in my hometown, Tulsa, Oklahoma. I'm excited to grow SilverSilk & More and learning all the challenges that come with it. I look forward to working with you!"


Professional Finish

These art deco inspired toggle clasps are the perfect for finishing your design.

Illuminious Design

SilverSilk Pearlesque chain shines as brightly as the designer's glee in using it.

Need Inspiration?

Need ideas for creating designs? Check out our patterns for great ideas!